About Us

We at Baker’s Super Mart, established since 2011 are engaged in catering to the bakery business in South, West and Central India, gradually increasing our presence throughout the country. In due course, the company realised the need to add value to our business model and simultaneously help our customers enjoy a unique experience with us.

It is said that “Necessity is the mother of all Inventions”. Thus, the necessity of every baker and home maker, while shopping to prepare or cater for celebrations, goes through a tremendous amount of ‘pain and journey’, to source each and every material that is needed for the planned event. It practically takes the joy out of making and baking.

About us

Therefore, In view of our new commitment, We stepped up to include all the range that is needed for an individual, family, baker or professional to skip the ‘pain and journey’ part and jump right into the part where ‘preparation and celebration’ begins. There is more…. We embraced technology too and made it easy for you to select the complete range of edible, decorative, essential and new inventions, from our online concept & bakers super mart called RAPLAP.COM – “The Ingredient Store”.

Let us also remind the best part, shopping with us saves a lot of your time, if you believe that “time is money” or that “time is better spent with family”, then click here to save both.


Our Team

Anil Kumar Loya


Pawan Kumar Lohiya


Ravi Kumar Loya


Our Motto

Proffer to Celebrate “Taste of the Tongue” and offer lustrous selection of everything “Edible and Discernable”

With a clear vision, Mr. Pawan Kumar Lohiya, Mr. Ravi Kumar Loya and Mr. Anil Kumar Loya together started Lohiya Agrotech Private Limited. With years of experience and his expertise in leading people, Mr. Pawan Kumar Lohiya has always put the company and its values above everything else. Result oriented and self-motivated, Mr. Ravi Kumar Loya has put his heart and soul into making Lohiya Agrotech one of the most well-known brands in the city. Mr. Anil Kumar Loya has a simple success mantra- work hard and be patient.
It is their belief and dedication towards his work that fuelled the empirical growth of the company reaching new heights everyday.